The rapid growth and mass adoption that the cryptocurrency market experience since the innovation of Bitcoin in 2009 has been tremendous and a divine proof that indeed there is a future for cryptocurrencies asset .as the blockchain industry develops and grows more crypto project is been launched almost every day which serves as utility token or security tokens and coins as the case may be. This project serves also other purposes in various industry ranges from the financial industry and cutting across another sector of the economy in the nations of the world. This project has yielded a lot of profit for traders who have been trading on this new launch crypto asset and another crypto asset that have been on the crypto market for ages.

Although there are thousands of project that have come into the crypto space to set a platform for trading yet we have a failing market platform .we have seen many of these project slip pass unnoticed while a few people with power position their ideas with a low innovation value on well know exchanges. This reduces the real utility of cryptocurrencies and the decentralized aim of the crypto space, where traders find it difficult to exchange their crypto asset for one another.

Despite the growing crypto industry, there are still challenges that have scared traders away from trading in this crypto exchanges due to so many reasons which study from an expert in the financial industry review in recent times.


Security breach

for any exchange to be reliable and trusted worthy there must be a high level of security measures put in place for the safety of her users. The hacking activities have been increasing rapidly in the crypto space, for example, the cryptopia exchange has been hacked recently where many users of the platform lost all their portfolio. These cybercriminal activities have cracked many exchanges down such coinsmaket, MT GOX etc. Traders are fully looking for exchanges that can trade no minimal or no risk of losing their portfolio.

Low-quality customer care support center

Many of these exchanges we have today range from high exchanges to low exchanges in the crypto industry have 50%-80% customer care support challenges from a recent survey carried in the last quarter of 2018. Most of these exchanges their support center is not well built with capable hands and do not don’t have the ability of managing complain effectively from their user's such withdrawal, deposit and inability to navigate the complex exchanges of their site.

All these challenges call for new exchanges to revolutionize the crypto industry in other to gain more mass adoption rapidly and the DAXICO exchange serve these purpose to bring more trust and reliability to the cryptocurrencies industry diverse medium by taking her users welfare are a top priority.

Daxico solution to the present challenges

Daxico develop a secure exchange that you can trade on safely with lot of high-level security tools that is capable of prevent hackers from the deep web or surface web from gaining access into users account . The security is equivalent and more sosphiscated than what even the banks uses in protecting their data base. Daxico built this security to satisfy her users all time against cyber treat in the present and in the future to come. Hence Daxico exchanges provide the following security measures:

 Two factor Authentication (2FA)
 Authy authentication
 Trusted withdrawal address
 Email and sms authentication
 Mnemonic authentication. Etc.

These are many more security measures although there are other measures that is yet to disclose to the general public because of privacy.

Reliable and trusted customer care support center

Daxico exchange create one of the most friendly customer care support center for her user. The customer care have previous experience in dealing and handling issues of users in the financial and blockchain industry. They are down to earth and no issues are left untouched because every users are important whether they newbies or expert in the crypto space .reply to calls, emails and chat are very fast within 24/7 hours. That’s why are most people call them reliable and trusted exchange.


Multiple account

Daxico create a system where users can create multiple account at the same time in one single platform this will allow user to focus on different crypto asset per account and enable them to maximum profit

Storage of crypto asset

The exchanges built secure layers for storing of crypto asset. The storage system is well structured and users can depend on it for maximum safety of their crypto asset.

Social forum support

Daxico also create a social forum support ecosystem where users can find the latest trending news with regards to any crypto asset users might holding. These also create an avenue where users to ask and discuss any issues.

Friendly UI graphics

The user graphics interface is very simple which do not require for tutorial on how to navigate the exchange. The exchange was develop for both newbie and expert in mind for easy trading life style .

Free peer to peer payment

Daxico is structure in manner where users have the privileges of transferring funds to their friends and loves ones with out to fee attach to it. That’s is 0.00% free of charge for confirmation.


The DAXICO is the only crypto currency exchange that hide the identity of every users. This means there is no email address been use to register and trade on the exchange unlike other exchange that ask for email addresses and when these exchange are hacked those emails are been sold in the dark web for more hacking and penetrating to those emails. So the anonymous way makes it unique.

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