Review of the Neluns Financial Ecosystem.

Neluns Mission

Neluns mission — is to create an innovative financial ecosystem, combining within itself a bank, which operates with fiat and cryptocurrencies, a cryptocurrency exchange and insurance company, thus, creating conditions for the quality development of the cryptocurrency market and inflow of new participants and new capital. To build the ecosystem, Neluns will use reliable banking technical solutions, provided by leading world companies. As a result, this will significantly increase the level of security and minimize the possibility of losing clients funds due to the actions of intruders.

Neluns Ecosystem

Neluns is constructing the ecosystem in accordance with the BaaS concept.
Neluns gives you a broad range of benefits and super-easy way to operate with your fiat and cryprocurrency.

It’s divided into 3 main elements:

● Neluns Bank — a bank which provides all key banking services enabling operations with fiat and cryptocurrencies.
● Neluns Exchange — an innovative cryptocurrency exchange, making secure and fast cryptocurrency trade operations accessible.
● Neluns Insurance — an insurance company, allows for any transaction and trade carried out by ecosystem users to be secured.

Neluns Bank

Neluns Bank offers to users a broad range of traditional banking services, aimed at quelling the financial needs of personal and corporate goals. While at the same time, Bank make available operations with fiat money and cryptocurrencies. The absence of a network of branches and affiliates makes it possible to reduce transactional costs many times over, and the use of leading technologies makes them even smaller, increases security, and operating speeds. Multicurrency IBAN accounts and wallets will allow Neluns clients to execute exchange operations in just a few clicks. Also, there is a “Bank Guarantee” principle which serves to secure all bank operations. In January 2019 licensed Neluns Bank will provide to users 4 types of bank cards. The use of Visa, MasterCard, and American Express partner network ATM’s will allow for instant cash withdrawals. Carrying out payments, purchasing and selling cryptocurrencies, and fund withdrawals from any ATM in the world will be available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Neluns mobile application for iOS and Android devices will make banking and cryptocurrency exchange operations accessible at any time from any part of the world. This will allow Neluns to attract a huge quantity of new participants to the cryptocurrency market, broaden the applicable uses of cryptocurrencies, as well as organize an impressive inflow of capital into the cryptocurrency market.

Neluns Exchange

Neluns Exchange is an element of the Neluns financial ecosystem and is closely linked to the Neluns Bank. Exchange operations are executed in accordance with all legal norms and the trades are entirely legal. Investors assets are always connected to IBAN in the Neluns Bank and are legally protected. They are fully legal and insured, they are not affected by unforeseen circumstances, faced by many existing cryptocurrency exchanges. On Exchange will have easy fund withdrawals and highest transaction speeds. Withdrawals will be made to multicurrency accounts opened with the Neluns Bank. This procedure will occur almost instantly. Neluns Exchange system will retain functionality under any loads. Users will be able to carry out millions of transactions per minute, while place orders will be closed near instantaneously. Neluns employees will immediately answer all questions that appears and solve problems affecting users. Support services will be provided around the clock, in a language comfortable for each user. The Neluns Exchange strive to become a global cryptocurrency exchange and establish itself as the foundation for a new and complex banking architecture, which does not suffer from the shortcomings of the existing system.

Neluns Insurance

A separate element of the Neluns financial ecosystem, is the insurance company — Neluns Insurance. On demand of the bank and cryptocurrency exchange users, it will carry out insurance coverage for financial risks, tied to trades and transactions.
Ecosystem users will have access to full and partial risk insurance.

Clients will have access to the following insurance services:

· Risk insurance for defaulting counterparties when executing transactions.
· Insurance in case of unforeseen circumstances during transactions.

As the ecosystem develops, the set of insurance products will be expanded. The following services will be added to the basic services:

· Insurance of credit and deposit risks.
· Insurance of investment risks.
· Insurance of financial guarantees.

Neluns Team

The Company’s founders are professionals with extensive experience in banking and business development. While they were working in the U.S. largest banks they faced many imperfections of the traditional banking services. It was led them to create their own new generation financial ecosystem deprived of shortcomings.

Nick Thielman, CEO, Co-Founder.

More than 11 years of experience in Banking, Blockchain, Business Development

Darrell Martin, CTO, Co-Founder.

More than 14 years of experience in Banking, Big Data, Network Engineering

Leslie Haynes, Director of Business Analysis and Audit Department.

More than 8 years of experience in Banking, Financial Sector

Patrick Skinner, Director of Software Development Department.

More than 12 years of experience in Banking, IT Development, Software Engineering

Madeline Williams, Director of Sales and Marketing Department.

More than 10 years of experience in Banking, Marketing.


The ICO of the Neluns ecosystem will be carried out in accordance with SEC (the United States Securities and Exchange Commission) regulations:

· Rule 506(с) of Regulation D.
· Regulation S.

This approach will allow U.S.A investors to take part in the ICO.
The Hard Cap of the ICO is $112.000.000 while the Soft Cap is $10.000.000. There’s a standard 10% bonus and an extra-bonus of 20% and 25% for investments of 1 ETH or 10 ETH in one transaction. It starts on Semtember 05 and will last for 31 days.
Soft Cap  already collected !.. At the present moment Neluns collected $50M investments !..

Why is it profitable to acquire NLS tokens?

· The price of NLS tokens will grow alongside the growth of the Neluns ecosystem capitalization, which will allow token holders to receive additional profits.
The price of one NLS token will reach $1,200 by 2021. In April 2020, the Neluns Blockchain Ecosystem plans to hold an IPO on the New York Stock Exchange.
· Tokens are released only during the ICO, additional token emissions are not planned.
· Simple conversions at appealing rates and NLS token liquidity will be guaranteed after listing on large cryptocurrency exchanges such as Bittrex, Huobi, OK-EX, HitBTC, Poloniex, Bitfinex, Binance, YoBit.

· Token holders will receive additional bonuses and discounts when using the platform.
· 50% of the Neluns ecosystem profits are distributed quarterly to token holders based on the quantity of tokens they hold.

Future of the Neluns

The economic indicators of Neluns show that investments in the innovative ecosystem of the future, Neluns, will be prospective investments in the short and long term.
After holding an IPO in 2020, Neluns will be able to enter the ranks of Fortune Global 500.

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