Blockchain-Based World Gambling Standards

The first Cryptocurrency Lottery and Gambling platform based on EOS. Fair and pleasant, but there is no gas expenditure. Tombola will become the world standard Game and Lottery platform.

Blockchain-Based World Gambling Standards

A decentralized project with a beneficial value for potential investors or investors is one of the projects that will increase rapidly, considering the fluctuations in changes in digital assets at the beginning of this year have experienced a very significant increase. The definition of this network uses a rather unique theme from other blockchain platforms around the world, has a balance sheet and investment process that has a profit value that exceeds the capital needed in trading modern digital assets. Tombola is a blockchain platform that introduces for the first time a unique creative idea in a symbolic economic economy market that you can trade privately on a digital exchange platform for assets.

Tombola is one of the results of the development of the blockchain industry that experienced good performance and good ideas, based on a system that allows investors to be more open with symbolic investments. As one of the first blockchain platforms produced, the company wants to help investors become more concerned about the economic weaknesses experienced by many people around the world in the concept of mutual assistance as investments that users can trade on this registered blockchain platform. Some important points from the Tombola platform The point is that most registered investors and potential investors will start their business on the overall platform.

Responding to the general terms and conditions about the Tombola platform is a source of income that will provide a balanced value of the ecosystem that is economically beneficial between buyers and sellers. In this case, the investor is an economic concept that has an average sales value that exceeds the income from investment capital, while the sale of tokens is more distributed to investors who want to benefit from this platform. The ability to connect to the following projects is a huge effort in tobacco and legal tokens that are legal and safe in the blockchain industry, start trading and run a balanced analysis system in one of its own tactics and ideas used by many investors. . executed. Tombola is a decentralized blockchain platform that aims to build investments that affect the positive side of managing funds that will be invested in this platform, in other words this platform is a place for investors around the world.

Tombola is now at the beginning of the crypto company with certain characteristics, with many and high crypto-market trading dominating the market. Tombola Partnership Becomes one of the big companies that will be very successful in the future. Trading in the cryptocurrency world is never separated from the fluctuations of dollar currency fluctuations and coin exchanges, this is a natural thing felt by crypto trading companies. In addition, the company does not have a creative idea that the system can avoid investment, of course this is a disaster that can be fatal with the destruction of the company. Decentralized investment funds on the blockchain platform for investors around the world are the effective philosophy offered by this platform. With the vision and mission of the concept of mutual benefit between project owners and token owners. With so many markets in the world of cryptocurrency this year competitors from many companies that act or trade must have more unique functions and creativity, this can be one of the success points that can be achieved by the crypto trading community.

The first Cryptocurrency Lottery and Gambling platform based on EOS. Fair and pleasant, but there is no gas expenditure. Tombola will become the world standard Game and Lottery platform.

This company has a fairly special market value on each exchange. Providing convenience to potential investors is one of the things that cryptocurrency companies in the world can consider, but which provides clear and detailed details, while also efficiently representing a road map that shows whether the company really pays attention to future investors. If you search the market as a currency trading center, this is a solution that you can take as one of the most important choices of crypto-market based on the blockchain platform. Coming with the latest technology from the blockchain platform, Tombola is one of the currency trading markets and crypto exchanges through a market democratic system, which has huge benefits for shareholders' profits. Not only that Tombola here has advantages that can be described better than other markets as a place to trade crypto from the official distribution of project sources.

Tombola a new trading platform based on successful blockchain methods that show markets and change the functioning of financial ecosystems. This system uses its platform as a way to support the trading process for some fantastic types of assets. In addition, this platform also uses cryptocurrency known as Token trading. The developer hopes to create a large liquidity target that conducts Token transactions to help token holders. The aim of this platform is to become a leader in transforming various financial assets with blockchain technology. After you decide to participate in this trading website, I am sure you can continue to invest in founding experiences and creative ideas and make transactions or transactions that will definitely give you big income and that will personally benefit you.

The future of the Tombola platform as the first generation platform that provides solutions to problems with investors that cannot be timely and whenever changes in the crypto market or price fluctuations are common in crypto, this platform is sought by potential users who are ready for automatic notifications on mobile devices they are to leave the world without the slightest of their activities. Trying to build an ecosystem that conceptualizes the mutual benefits between traders and users, as well as platforms that can continue to support sales stability. To overcome the problem that is often found by most investors, Tombola comes to solve it while providing smart solutions with platforms that help performance and ease access to their accounts.


Name - Tombola
Symbol - TBL
Platform - ETH
Total number of tokens - 500 billion TBL
Token distribution:
ICO Pre - 20%
Main ICO - 30%
Stretegic Partner & Marketing - 17%
Reserve Bank Roll - 20%
Team - 10%
Airdrop - 2%
Bounty - 1%


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