KuBitX: Cryptocurrency Exchange & Trading Platform

With the development of technologies that are becoming more advanced, the world of investment is also growing, as with some assets in the form of bitcoins, from that moment you can start trading (buying and selling) the digital currency. You do not need to pay commissions for brokers, you do not need to transfer to third parties and you do not need to worry about any obstacles to start trading. All you need is bitcoin. If you dare to donate a few percents of your money, then invest in the world of digital currency. Now there is a new platform called KuBitX (KBX).

So, dear readers. I would like to begin my review as usual, with the introduction to the idea of this project, has also talked about the fact that this project represents itself in general and what idea the developers of this project offer us. I suggest immediately to begin the review!


KubitX is a new platform for the trade in crypto-currency assets, which offers the use of the most advanced and reliable technologies to ensure complete security and legality of operations. Within the framework of the project, the authors want to create reliable crypto-currency wallets and special trade mechanisms that ensure full protection of confidential data. And also provide convenient tools for analyzing the market and concluding transactions for the purchase and sale of various assets. The launch of this crypto exchange will allow all those who wish to become participants in the international financial market and open new opportunities for sellers and their clients in different countries of the world.

Purse KuBitX - provides technology that will help us gain a sense of comfort in such transactions as KuBitX Trade technology, safe KuBitX purse from theft and more advanced control panel for organizing events in exchange transactions.

Prospects KuBitX - seeks to become one of the largest and most diverse crypto-currency markets for both buyers and sellers around the world. KubitX also aims at presenting the most remote people to enter the cryptocurrency market. KuBitX not only strives to provide the best and most diverse crypto-currency markets for buyers and sellers but also seeks to train and encourage the adoption of large crypto-currency funds. The number of people who do not have bank accounts in the world today is billions, and these people are mostly in emerging markets.

Blockchain KuBitX - Our token was originally based on the blockchain Ethereum. We plan to start our own blockchain in the near future, which in the future will be very useful for many cases, such as the most common problems of social, communal, administrative and managerial activities in developing countries.

KuBitX Financial Information 

  • The high speed of financial transactions. The platform is initially designed in such a way as to have a reserve for scaling in the future. As the system develops, new features, assets, and tools are added to it, the system's performance will not decrease.
  • Use of blocking technologies to ensure the security of trading. The functioning of the new crypto exchange is based on the use of block technology to store data and the history of transactions. This completely eliminates hacking the system, changing personal data and influencing the results of trading.
  • Low commission fees for financial transactions. Thanks to the use of an internal token for settlements between participants, traders will be able to save considerably due to the minimum commission that is usually paid to centralized banking institutions.
  • High security of the exchange for the exchange of crypto-currencies. Developers of the KubitX platform are major specialists in the field of cybersecurity and constantly monitor existing platforms to search for vulnerabilities and eliminate bottlenecks from the work of their own platform.
  • The possibility of a partial replacement of existing financial institutions. The authors of the project are confident that as the KubitX project develops, it will be able to replace traditional financial systems that are experiencing problems due to constant violation of trust, censorship and growing interest of users in electronic assets.
  • Minimization of risks associated with the performance of operations with crypto-currencies. Developers propose to use a unique data protection technology and purses with cold storage, which minimizes the risks for the trader.
Their Vision

The ideation process behind KuBitX was undertaken keeping in mind the broader vision to educate, enable and engage people from emerging markets in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.
  1. Education about Blockchain technology enhancing adoption by masses – KuBitX has come up with a unique initiative called Global Channel Ambassadors to enter, understand and capture local emerging markets.
  2. Liquidity improvement – Liquidity is one of the most important pillars of any exchange that exists. Many exchanges today suffer from a liquidity crunch leaving users stranded with their currencies.
  3. Robust Security – Security is one of the most crucial pillars surrounding a cryptocurrency exchange.
  4. Financial Inclusion – The emerging markets today especially in Africa and Asia suffer from a large chunk of their population being out of reach of the traditional banking system.
  5. Economic development of the emerging markets – On a macro level, the emerging markets like Africa experience from low GDP rates, high inflation and generally poor economic growth.

Features of the ICO project

To secure settlements between KubitX private traders, the internal KBX token, created on the basis of ERC-20 Ethereum technology, will be used. In the process of preliminary sales of the token, the authors plan to collect the necessary funds for the final implementation of the project. The total number of issued tokens is 500 million. Their acquisition is possible for the ETH cryptocurrency. At the end of all stages of sales, developers plan to achieve soft cards in the amount of 10 thousand ETH and a hard disk of 25 thousand ETH.


Token Ticker; KBX

Token Type and Algo: ERC20, POS

Total Supply: 500 million (500,000,000)

Soft Cap: 10,000 ETH

Hard Cap: 25,000 ETH

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