CONTRACTIUM - helps users easily make smart contracts via desktop mobile

Anyone participating in sales such as these will receive tokens, theoretically usable in the future in the markets they create. Like all currencies, any value they have will come from the willingness of people to treat them as a medium of exchange, or to see them as a store of value.

The alt-coin entities are the simplest of tech companies, releasing nothing more than a small piece of code. They aim to develop cryptographically secure ways to enable transactions between parties that have no other contact or way of authenticating each other online. End users can strike “smart” agreements that are set in code: if certain conditions are met, value changes hand automatically. And if contracts can be encoded and transactions verified and posted on a public blockchain, who needs all the intermediaries?

Back again we will discuss one blockchain project of course, this time we will more incremental to the customer peel on the blockchain platform. Of course, a platform has its own customer satisfaction. nah for that this project is made. Immediately without any length, this one project name Contractium Network

 mission Contractium Network is to serve everyone with a Simple Effective Solution. To accomplish this goal we are developing a set of decentralized tools that will make interaction with the Blockchain a piece of cake. Join us in decentralizing location-reliant trade markets. The birth of Smart Contracts has opened up a limitless amount of possibilities with many business use cases.

Make Contractium   the largest genomic data-hub on the planet. Contributors own their genomic data, control the right to access it, and holders who buy low need to hold on to their investments in order to benefit from selling high At this stage of the market’s development,   leverage simplicity and encourage mainstream adoption via already known Technology such as email.  we see that cryptocurrency assets have gained the characteristics of various financial instruments. We can divide cryptocurrency by their qualities and algorithms; into investment assets and means of payment Contractium Network is a software designed to showcase the Contractium Proof of Contract (PoC), which is in line with the Proof of Stake (PoS) futuristic model of the Ethereum blockchain rather than the existing Proof of Work (PoW)., and Contractium serve everyone with a Simple Effective Solution.

Contractium Features

Contractium will have the features below.

A Blockchain Application
Contractium which is based on the Ethereum blockchain smart contract will be integrated into the inner network of real businesses. The software will have a friendlier user experience and graphic user interface compared to Ethereum.

Users will be able to use it to create smart contracts with a click or through the drag and drop method. Further, with the use of the CTU token, the software will change the way online businesses give bonuses and rewards to their customers.

Smart Contract-Smart Wallet
The Contractium wallet is the gateway to decentralized applications on the Ethereum blockchain system. It allows users to hold and secure CTU tokens.

Opt-In Commercial Smart Contract
Smart contracts aim to provide security that is superior to traditional contracts and to reduce transaction costs associated with contracting. Ethereum allows developers to program their own smart contracts, which are written in Solidarity. Contractium is developed based on Ethereum smart contracts, which helps users generate smart contracts that can be used for business transactions or for consuming paid information found online.

Contractium Blockchain Smart Contract Software Network

The software will be used for guaranteed contract agreements. It has a few important features that are essential to businesses, marketplaces, and individual users.

  • User authentication that is done by use of cryptographic features that are part of the software
  • Customized payment logic that allows users to create their own payment systems on their business websites or for personal purposes
  • Secure since the software is 100% DDoS resistant due to being a fully decentralized blockchain based on the Ethereum platform
  • Ample storage as users do not have to set up secure databases as Ethereum will give them the storage space they need
  • Interoperability with Ethereum as everything on the contractium software can interact with everything else on the Ethereum network
  • Ethereum server free zone since the application is developed on the blockchain thus users do not need to set up or maintain servers.

Contractium CTU Token & ICO Details

The CTU token is the fuel used to sign intelligent commercial contracts on contractium applications. The token will be used as a form of payment and the form of contract made between the contractor and the contractor when they make an agreement. CTU will be an incentive that will make the operation between two parties on the blockchain trustworthy. One or both parties can get extra CTU as a prize for use on the CTU network.

The price of ICO token CTU is 1 ETH = 15,000 CTU. A total of 1,500,000,000 tokens will be provided and 900,000,000 tokens will be available during pre-ICO and ICO sales. The ICO date has not been announced.

  • Name: Contractium
  • Token Symbol: CTU
  • Platform: Ethereum ERC20
  • Number of tokens: 3,000,000,000 CTU
  • For sale: 1,500,000,000 CTU
  • Token Price: 0.1ETH = 15,000 CTU
  • Pre-Sales and ICO: 900,000,000 CTU
  • CTU TEAM and Partner: 200,000,000 CTU
  • Backup Foundation: 100,000,000 CTU
  • Business Platform: 100,000,000 CTU
  • Marketing and Bounty: 200,000,000 CTU