INSCOIN: the first insurance company to combine the real world with the digital world using Blockchain technology


INSCoin is an ambitious project that aims to revolutionize the insurance industry! In fact, from the proven knowledge of the business and combined with the implementation of Blockchain, through Smart Contracts, the InsCoin For Knox Project will succeed in its objectives:

  • Maximum trust and transparency in the relationship between the Company and Insurant
  • Combating Policy Fraud
  • Issue an automatic and decentralized insurance policy

"Welcome to INSCoin review"

The first insurance company that combines the real world with the digital world using Blockchain technology, creates the most efficient and sophisticated structure in the sector, to find solutions to certification and anti-counterfeiting insurance policies. Insurance companies will be established in Lisbon, Dubai and the Bermuda Islands , to enable Knox insurance to operate in various laws and enable token economies on a global scale.

Why can Blockchain change the Insurance Industry?

Blockchain in its public implementation solves a fundamental problem in creating a network without trust and without permission, in which participants can consider valid transactions, and therefore possibly related certification, thanks to the approval mechanisms generated by the incentive system and disincentives among the parties involved. Uncertified document certification is one of the most important applications of Blockchain technology, since documents certified in Blockchain are NEVER falsified.

With smart contracts, the spread of fake insurance policies is avoided because it is the same system that issues them upon receipt of payment. With smart contracts, the company will not have any delay in collecting credits, since the policy is issued only after receiving payment. This factor aims to improve the company's management significantly.

In inscoin for knox we want to do something different, we are big fans of decentralized platforms, in fact we will depend on the Ethereum network for the deployment of our Smart contract but behind our inscoin tokens will be established from 1 to 3 companies based on the number of ETHs collected, remember that in the real world companies need a security fund of several million dollars to be legally regulated,

Token received from policy payments will be blocked through Smart Contract for the first year after payment and then released at a 25% rate per quarter. This economy, backed by an increasing turnover of insurance companies, will lead to a decline in current supply and strong deflation, increasing the value of tokens in the market.

What Is Inscoin? How Does It Work?

The new project is currently in development and used for the Knox Project ICO. And the entire project is developed to help improve customer relationships with total and full transparency. There is a lot going on with the new company, and there is quite a bit of information on the company website. Not only that, but the information on the website is broken up into several different sections, all which are easy to navigate through and provide you with everything you need to learn about the coin.

The project has several different areas as said before. The first of which is the summary of the Insacoin project. And not only that, but the White Paper is also available too and full of information that is required to teach you about the project and everything going on in it.

And with the road map at hand, you can easily stay up to date on study projects, realizations for the company, such as the vision and even forecast new business plans. There are plenty of other general documents that are available as well.

The last two areas on the company website is the legal area that discloses the token sale information and conditions, as well as the legal terms. And then the team and advisors section where you can learn about the founders, advisors, developers, and partners of the company as well as gain new experience and trust with the company. Learn the background and information that is needed to manage and run an ICO and develop it, so it’s a platform worthy of investing from outside parties.

There is also a wealth of information and ways to keep up to date with the platform on the different social media sites. Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Twitter, Telegram, WhatsApp, Reddit, VK and Email are possible ways you can access the company with questions, comments or concerns. And you can also get coins as well soon enough.

Token Sale

Token allocation and use of funds

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Legal Advisors and Partners

The INSCoin team is young, ambitious and open to investors and users, in addition to more than 10 developers under 30, there are insurance experts who in the past have established and managed insurance companies such as ceo Agostino Luongo (Hill Ltd) and our partners. Check them out on our site!