ExToke ICO (XTO Token): Fee Free Decentralized Crypto Exchange

Hello everyone in this article I will present an interesting ICO analysis, called Extoke, based on some of the following criteria:

What Is ExToke?

Extoke is a free and decentralized exchange that has been designed to fill an existing niche in the crypto trading sector. The aim is to eradicate fees, which will benefit both the developers and traders. Decentralized exchanges are many times more secure than centralized exchanges.

With DEx, you will be in charge of your funds. They are not is some admin account waiting to be hacked by some devious hacker. To ensure that DEX offers great security, it has been secured by the XTO smart contract.

ExToke is a new fee-free Decentralized Ethereum ERC20 Token Exchange with absolutely no fees for buyers or sellers. Extras have been set to solve all the problems associated with modern day centralized cryptocurrency exchanges, while also improving on the decentralized exchange concept. Extoke will strengthen the DEX industry by offering an instant, trustless, secure token exchange process via our XTO smart contract.

Features of EXTOKE ICO

In September 2018, ExToke will launch our ExToke 2.0 Platform. This platform will include but not limited to:

  • New modern user interface
  • Mobile Trading App
  • Airdop App for ExToke Traders
  • Crowd Sales from within the ExToke Platform

ExToke will only allow high-quality, promising ICOs that have passed the stringent due diligence, smart contract code review, and legal compliance review by ExTokes's dedicated ICO review team. Also, ICO tokens on ExToke immediately traded on the ICO

Why A Fee Free Decentralized Crypto Exchange?

Decentralized exchanges eliminate the need for third-party services to hold funds in a central system. Trading is done on a peer-to-peer basis automatically without the need for trading fees. Besides that, users are always in control of their funds. This is in contrast to a central exchange where if you deposit funds, they become funds of the exchange.

Since there are no central servers to hack, that means there will not be any server downtime or the likelihood of a large-scale attack. Decentralized exchanges are just apparati upon which users can exchange. On central exchanges, they operate in a similar manner to banks where they hold custody over you funds with little oversight and the real threat of a hack.

Why ExToke?

ExToke has been developed to fill the gap in the decentralized trading industry and to eradicate fees from the equation to benefit both traders and developers.

When most of the websites are running cryptocurrency exchange service with high exchange fee,Insecure transection with the presence of third person and poor customer support, At the same time ExToke comes to solve all of these issues.

ExToke will give free exchange of cryptocurrencies, secure transection and better quality of 24/7 customer support.

ExToke is a new fee free Decentralized Ethereum ERC20 Token Exchange website. There is no fees on exchanging cryptocurrencies for buyers or for sellers. ExToke will be working to solve all the issues of centralized exchange industries and will be working for a decentralized exchange to make a revolutionary change.

Extoke will make the DEX industry more strengthen and more secure by providing an instant, trustless, secure token exchange process via it’s XTO smart contract.

ExToke is working to fill the gap in the cryptocurrency trading industry and to remove fees from the equation to benefit both traders and developers.

ExToke Benefits To Traders

The biggest benefit that traders get is that they do not pay any fees to use the exchange. Thus, they do not have to worry about losses due to the fees. As a result, they can engage in numerous short-term trading strategies without pesky fees being a hindrance. Another benefit is that there is support offered 24/7 for ExToke traders. This will ensure the trading experience is as smooth as possible.

Extoke Benefits To ICO Holders

Marketing each token launch will be announced via multiple social media channels and mobile notifications. To achieve this, the project will utilize the ExToke Mobile Trading App. All the projects will be listed on the exchange’s website and on social medium to ensure a wide reach.

Ico details
  • Supply: 1,000,000,000
  • 50% of the total supply of XTO will be distributed during the token sale. Each
  • XTO token will initially be priced at the discounted rate of 0.000001 ETH.
  • Total supply: 1,000,000,000 XTO
  • Token Sale Supply: 500,000,000 XTO
  • Hard Cap: 500 ETH
  • Soft cap: 50 ETH
  • Discounted Exchange Rate: 0.000001 ETH = 1 XTO
  • Standard Exchange Rate: 0.0001 ETH = 1 XTO
  • Contract Address: 0x28925299ee1edd8fd68316eaa64b651456694f0f
 Use of Funds

Marketing: 63% of the budget will be allocated to the marketing and advertising of the ExToke Platform! Further Development: 25% will be allocated to the future development of the ExToke Platform General Admin: 12% will be reserved to the cover of general administrative and legal costs.


ExToke also has a bounty program that is open publicly in order to promote our community and token sale. Users who apply for this program will receive XTO tokens for free in exchange of their effort in running our campaigns, such as:
  • Twitter Campaign
  • Written Contest
  • Facebook Campaign
  • YouTube Campaign
  • Telegram Campaign
  • Bitcoin Talk Signature Campaign

Campaign is in progress