Payera ICO (PERA Token): Crypto Shopping Payments, Shopera & Cardera

The appeal of cryptocurrency is predominantly the way that consumers can safely transact across a transparent platform. Many consumers enjoy the ease of use as they trade and perform various transactions. Unfortunately, the way that these tokens can be used is still fairly limited, which is why Payera has some ideas of their own.

What Is Payera?

Payera helps to make transactions faster and establish better safety for all parties involved. Their user-friendly platform takes only a few seconds to perform payments, and the company cites their ability to guarantee protection through the transactions. However, unlike other companies, there are no fees to exchange or invest the tokens.

This platform has a vision to become the most used brand across the globe with their online shopping features. They want to be the first choice for any customer when they are exchanging with crypto, which is supported by their goal to be both economically smart and eco-friendly. They are based out of Asia, and they have two different aspects to their platform – Payera and Shopera.

How Payera Crypto Shopping Payments, Shopera & Cardera Works

Payera is the payment platform that maintains transparency between the buyer and seller. The buyer keeps protection for their transactions, regardless of whether they purchase goods or services. Anything done from the user’s wallet has no additional fees. The sellers have the opportunity to get involved with crypto as a whole, and there are lower fees and a shorter holding period than most other platforms do for sellers.

Shopera is a mutual playing ground for merchants and private sellers to advertise their products within the crypto marketplace. The process is straightforward, because the user will only have to take a picture, name a price, add a description, and the post is immediately online. For consumers that want to option of shopping offline, there’s also Cardera, which is a debit card that is linked directly to the user’s wallet.

Payera PERA Token & ICO Details

Consumers will need to use PERA tokens on the website in order to perform transactions. If users purchase their tokens during the Pre-ICO sale, their cost will be about $0.035 per token. However, when the ICO is posted, that price goes up to $0.05 per token.

  • TOTAL TOKEN : 2,100,000,000
  • PRE ICO PRICE : $ 0.035 USD
  • ICO PRICE : $ 0.05 USD
  • ICO BONUS : 25 % referral

Payera Roadmap

To get a better idea of the direction that Payera is headed, consumers will be able to view the roadmap on the website. The first item on the list is the Pre-ICO, which will run from May 30th to June 15th, 2018. The regular ICO will follow, running from June 20th to July 18th, 2018. By the end of the year, the company should have its infrastructure established.

In 2019, each quarter has a different goal, which includes:
  • Q1 – Establishing the beta version of the wallet and smartphone app
  • Q2 – Launching the official wallet
  • Q3 – Launching the beta version of Shopera
  • Q4 – Launching the official Shopera marketplace
During 2020, the following milestones should occur:
  • Q1 – Launching the online shop app and the API interface
  • Q2 – Releasing Cardera to consumers
The final quarter planned is the third quarter of 2020, with the company simply nothing “charity” as their milestone.

Payera Team


Payera Conclusion

Despite the information available online, consumers will probably want to know more details about the way Payera works, along with the Shopera and Cardera side projects. Rather than waiting for the whitepaper to play out, consumers can get a hold of the company at