Globatalent – Makes Users able to purchase sports idol right through Globatalent

About GlobaTalent

Globatalent is the blockchain-based tool where clubs and players can fund themselves by selling their future revenue rights and all fans can invest in their idols.

This investment process has been automated thanks to the creation of Smart Contracts using Blockchain technology, ensuring a stock trading in a fast, secure and reliable way.

At Globatalent, investments are liquid assets that investors can convert into liquidity at any time through our stock market.

Globatalent has arrived to decentralize the sport.

What is GlobaTalent?

GlobaTalent is a global marketplace that tokenizes talent - allowing people all over the world to invest in their favorite competitive athletes, sports idols, and more.

By tokenizing athletes, teams, and clubs, they give everyone the chance to have a stake in your idols and even bet on future talent.

They have made it their goal to bring the best sports idols in the world to this platform.

They have created an ecosystem using blockchain technology that allows you to seamlessly trade and exchange your tokens, creating a brand new sports economy.

Their product is already live ( and backed by some of the greatest sporting talents in the entire world.

This hasn’t been done before - and without blockchain it wasn’t possible, giving Globatalent center stage for the new age of sports.

This industry is worth up to $3tn, and they just added a new ecosystem and multiple new layers. GlobaTalent is a CrowdFunding platform, that is made possible by Tokenization.

They will drive user acquisition through the use of Influencers and Sports Leaders.

Globatalent Features

Some of the core advertised features of the Globatalent platform include:

  • Athletes can raise money to continue pursuing their athletic dreams
  • Blockchain-based platform that uses smart contracts to process all transactions
  • Players can fundraise their athletic goals by selling future revenue rights, while fans can invest in their sports heroes
  • Fans can sell tokens on secondary markets; if you bought a token for an amateur athlete early in their career, then that token could be worth a substantial amount when the player “makes it big”
  • Investors can access all future revenue collected by the player, or only certain revenue (players and clubs can decide the terms of the contract)
  • Overall, Globatalent sees itself as a decentralized sports marketplace that tokenizes the future earnings of athletes.

Benefits of Globatalent

If you use Globatalent platform, you will get some benefits, such as:
  • You Become The Owner Of A True Sport: The Right LeaderFor the first time, fans around the world can buy an idol.
  • Direct Transaction FraudFans can use intelligent blockchain contract technology to buy and sell immediately.
  • Decentralization Of Sports PowerGlobatalent spreads and allows people to unite and help each other so that they can benefit without an intermediary
  • New AppealGlobatalent provides an opportunity for simple but resourceful people to invest in talented athletes and benefit from their future success.
The idea of the project ICO Globatalent 

The organizers of the project intend to attract investments to finance athletes and sports teams who find themselves in a difficult financial situation. Economic problems, in their opinion, should not impede the development of the potential of young players. The Globatalent platform, based on blockchain technology, will help to ensure equal access for all sportsmen to the distribution of funding.

Globatalent is a decentralized market in which large investors and fans can invest in sports clubs or individual players, acquiring part of their rights to future revenues from concluding contracts, games, participation in advertising campaigns, TV shows, etc.

Fans from around the world will be able to invest small amounts of money in talented athletes and perspective clubs, which will allow them to join the great material and intangible success awaiting athletes in the future.

Globatalent will allow young players to sell part of their future income without having to conclude traditional contracts with investors through agents, etc.

Technical aspects

Token Globatalent - GBT, developed on Ethereum platform according to the ERC20 standard. Purchase of Globatalent is carried out through ETH, BTC, fiat and GBT.

The total number of tokens: 1 000 000 000 GBT, 13% of tokens will be distributed among the participants of the Bounty campaign, 18% will be given to the team, 7% - to the advisers.

Soft Cap: $ 15,000,000

Hard Cap: $ 35,000,000

Pre-sale of GBT tokens

Globatalent opens pre-sale on April 16, 2018, which will last until May 18, 2018, during which buyers will receive a 30% discount on purchased tokens. 200 million tokens worth $ 22,000,000 will be offered for pre-sale at a price of $ 0.11 per 1 GBT token.

ICO Globatalent 

Start of the first stage of ICO May 21 - May 23, 2018 - 18% discount;

The second stage of ICO May 24 - May 27, 2018 - 10% discount;

The third stage of ICO May 28 - May 31, 2018, a 0% discount.

For sale, there will be no more than 300 million GBT tokens valued at $ 39,000,000.

The price of 1 token = 0.13 $ / GBT.

The project organizers promise to spend the bulk of the received investments on the development of the platform software, including the development of systems that ensure its safety, the costs of paying qualified employees, analysts, etc.

In addition, part of the funds will go to advertising campaigns that promote the platform.

Token Sale Information:
  • Name: GBT Token
  • Offering 500,000,000 out of roughly 850,000,000 initial GLOBA Tokens (GBT)
  • Accepted Payment: ETH
  • Maximum Token Supply: 850,000,000
  • Hard Cap: $61,000,000 USD
  • PUBLIC SALE (Crowdsale): Min purchase – 1.500 GBT (0,15 ETH)
  • Crowdsale start: June 18, 2018 – 00:00:00 UTC
  • Crowdsale end: June 30, 2018 – 23:59:00 UTC
Private Presale
  • As much as 40% of total lot sales are awarded to private investors for recognition with the SAFT Agreement (simple contract for future symbols), 30% deduction.
  • Private pre-sale will be open from April 16, 2018, to May 18, 2018.
  • Only accredited investors can purchase BBT in this promotion by signing the SAFT agreement.
  • Proposed GBT: Up to 200,000,000 GBT = 22,000,000 USD = 0.11 $ / GBT
  • Public Offerings (public)
Here are the discounts provided:
  • Purchase discounts of 2018-18% bonus on May 21
  • Purchase May 24 – May 27, 2018 – for 10% discount for bonuses,
  • May 28 to May 31, 2018, = 0% sales bonus discount will be opened from [*].
  • Possible changes will be announced before ICO.
Recommended GBT: 300,000,000 max GBTS = $ 39 million = $ 0.13 $ / GBT GGT has 20% reserve from co-founder *. Consultants at 7% of reserve funds are 5%, and 3% of bonuses are distributed through token amount promotional rewards to distribute a total of 58% of subscription partnerships: $ 61 million, and we hope to build a part of a decentralized world. The GBT distribution will initially be used by founders and consultants, athletes and sports organizations from the start, with the support of clubs, athletes, and others.

Globatalent tidak akan pada saat diperlukan untuk mendaftar dengan Otoritas Keuangan Kepulauan Cayman sebagai akibat dari Token tidak akan menjadi saham, model kepercayaan atau pencarian kemitraan dan karenanya tidak akan pada saat itu memikirkan pengejaran keadilan untuk kebutuhan Mutual Peraturan Dana (Revisi 2015) dari Kepulauan Cayman ("MFL"). Selain itu, karena Token tidak dapat ditukarkan, mungkin saja, di setiap kesempatan, dianggap 'tertutup'. Pembeli harus mengakui bahwa Otoritas Keuangan Kepulauan Cayman telah karena fakta ini tidak meninjau buku putih ini dan tidak memberikan penilaian apa pun tentang layaknya Globatalent atau membeli Token. Otoritas Keuangan Kepulauan Cayman tidak dapat mengawasi operasi Globatalent atau Token.