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Project information

BitScreener is one of the best real-time crypto-tracking apps which have served more than 1,2 million traders and investors worldwide to track their investments since launching in 2017. It is integrating crowdsourcing financial data and content ecosystem on blockchain through token BITX. BITX works as the payment method for financial traders and investors to buy advanced data services and the reward method for the content contributors of the ecosystem. BitSceener ecosystem aims to track and analyze 100,000+ stocks worldwide together with existing 2000 cryptos in a single platform.

About BITX

Based on successful BitScreener App, the team is building a unified platform of cryptocurrency and stock tracker powered by blockchain. BitScreener will integrate data of separated spaces of stock and cryptocurrency into a single platform, allowing traders and investors to track their investments across the domains seamlessly. At the same time, writers and researchers can contribute new content to the system for rewards. BitScreener leverages the blockchain incentivization mechanism for user engagement and content quality. The visualization tools (charts, table, news, etc.) of the data subsystem support writers to create new content easily within the platform. The two subsystems data and decentralized content of the system are weaved together, making BitScreener a unique ecosystem evolving over time. BitScreener aims at tracking 2000+ cryptos, 100,000+ stocks and thousands of other equities around the globe in real-time for its community. What we have achieved so far:

  • 04/2017: Launched BitScreener iOS App - A real-time crypto tracker
  • 07/2017: Launched BitScreener Web
  • 12/2017: App BitScreener achieved 20,000 DAU
  • 01/2018: App is in top 100 financial apps in more than 30 countries
  • 04/2018: Launched the Token Sale (BITX)
  • 05/2018: Released BitScreener Android App
  • 05/2018: All 3 platforms reached 50,000 Daily Active Users

BitScreener Ecosystem Updates: iOS App, Android App, Web and Token Sale

BitScreener is the best REAL-TIME crypto tracking ecosystem including iOS, Android & the website Every week, we release new features & important bug fixes to make BitScreener better!

Here is the list of updates this week:

BitScreener iOS app:
  • - Advanced Landscape Chart:
  • +) 5min, 15min, 30min, 1h, 2h, 4h, 6h, 1d, 1w charts
  • +) New indicators, overlays & drawing tools
  • - Support for 11 languages: Spanish, Chinese, Turkish, German, etc
BitScreener Android app:
  • - Real-time portfolio management
  • - Watchlist & All Coins tab: real-time prices for 2000+ coins
  • - Crypto Alerts with the 30s non-stop alarm options
  • - Crypto News: crypto market news and news for 2000+ coins
  • - Crypto Screeners: to HUNT potential coins to invest
BitScreener website:
  • - Sync portfolios & watchlist with mobile apps
  • - Import/Export portfolios to CSV files
Coming soon:
  • - Portfolio API integration to 20+ most popular exchanges
  • - Add your own ICO coins to your portfolio

BitScreener Token Sale: Final Round Starts Jun 27, 01:00 (UTC)

BitScreener is transforming into an ecosystem of financial data and content on blockchain via token BITX. BITX is an Ethereum-based token that works as the payment method for financial traders and investors to buy advanced features and as the reward method for the content contributors of the ecosystem. BitScreener aims at integrating 100,000+ stocks worldwide into our existing crypto tracking platforms.

App Review – BitScreener

As both a long-term investor and trader of crypto, I am always searching for new tools to aid me in my quest to track the market and look for opportunities. I’ve tried many different apps, but ended up feeling constrained by the limited features they offered. I’ve used before and I was impressed by their charts and heat maps, but their iOS app really takes everything to the next level.


The first thing you’ll notice upon opening up the app is just how comprehensive the tracker is. Over 2,000 coins from 80 exchanges are tracked and all trading pairs from these exchanges are supported. So no matter if you want to track your profits in terms of Ethereum or Binance Coin, you are able to do that simply. In addition, it is easy to display prices in any major fiat currency, which is important for those of you outside the US.

(This is not my portfolio – All images are taken from BitScreener)

Once I was able to add coins to my portfolio, the thing that shocked me was just how quickly prices were updating. Prices are literally up to the second, which can make a huge difference in the crypto market. No app or site I’ve used, besides the exchanges themselves, has had prices updated as quickly as BitScreener.

According to BitScreener, they are going to add the ability to import from crypto wallets such as Jaxx and MEW soon, which would be a super exciting integration feature!

The charts and technical indicators that BitScreener has implemented are pretty neat. If you are serious about Technical Analysis, you’ll find numerous tools at your disposal here, including all kinds of indicators and overlays, like Moving Averages and Bollinger Bands. In my testing, one feature that I enjoyed was the gallery view, where you can add multiple timeframes to a single view.

A tool that could be really useful to investors is the Crypto Screener. You can screen by a multitude of criteria to find your perfect coin, by looking at such things as age, type, market cap, and recent performance. This feature can help identify investment opportunities and sure beats scrolling through the fifth page of Coinmarketcap.

If you are an active trader, the screener, combined with the price and performance alerts, is a great combination. The alerts support many different kinds of logic, including recurring alerts, alerts when a price reaches a level persistently, and alerts for performance within a set timeframe (this could be great to find when a coin is pumping). They recently even added an alert that sounds every 30 seconds, if you want to stay awake and trade ‘foreign exchange’.

Another cool feature is the ability to read news within the app. They are really trying to make this a one-stop shop for all your crypto needs. I’ve also heard that they are going to be adding a social network within the app, which can be useful to gauge market sentiment and seek out opinions on different coins. Seems like they have a solid team of developers and are releasing new features frequently.

BitScreener Token Sale

We are delighted to announce that BitScreener Token Sale will start in May 2018

Thanks to tremendous support of crypto traders and investors worldwide, BitScreener has made significant processes and delivered major milestones. Since launching early 2017, BitScreener has served nearly 1.2 million users with hundreds of thousands of portfolios created, tracked and managed and millions of alerts fired every day on both mobile devices and desktop computers. The real-time price quotation, screening tool, news compiler and charting tool get improved week after week.

To bring the BitScreener into a new area of development and more importantly to tackle the challenging problems associated with the existing financial data and content systems such as unfair share distribution, bias information, fragmented data and content systems, we are introducing BitScreener Ecosystem powered by Blockchain. In particular, we present Token BITX — an Ethereum-based ERC20 token that allows the data and content posted on BitScreener platform to be verified, approved and improved by you — the users. The community will be able to create finance-focused contents on the platforms and at the same time, earn rewards in form of BITX, from their contribution. By the integration of the blockchain and token capabilities, the data and content on BitScreener will be for the users and by the users.

We will start our Token Sale in May 2018 with the token allocation as followings:
  • Volume: 450,000,000 BITX
  • No inflation, volume fixed in smart contract
  • Maximum token amount for sale: 139,500,000 BITX
  • Price: 1 ETH = 7154 BITX
  • Future “miners” (content contributors): 20%
  • Team: 15%
  • Future Operations: 30%
  • Advisors and Marketing: 4%
  • Accepting: ETH
  • Minimum contribution: 0.2 ETH
  • Softcap: 1,000 ETH
  • Hardcap: 15,000 ETH
  • Restricted countries: Singapore, United States, and others
  • KYC and Whitelist Required
Bounty Program: 6,500,000 BITX will be allocated to marketing and bounty campaign. We will announce this program very soon in our Telegram channel.

BitScreener is starting its OFFICIAL BOUNTY PROGRAM in order to reward its supporters.
A total of 6,500,000 BITX tokens ($680,000) generated will be assigned to the Bounty Pool

The tokens will be distributed in 6 campaigns as follows:
  • BitScreener Mobile App Referral (20%)
  • Telegram Bounty (15%)
  • BitcoinTalk signature campaign (15%)
  • Twitter Bounty (15%)
  • Facebook Bounty (15%)
  • Content (blogs and media publications) (10%)
  • Translation Bounty (10%)
To join the BitScreener campaign please join the link here: BOUNTY

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The launch of peer-to-peer blockchain networks in 2009 has marked the beginnings of a new time of the globalization in which the value can be created, stored, and exchanged without being controlled by a single authority. It promises to fundamentally change how we interact with each other, not only in the online world but also in everyday activities. To follow the revolution, our team, with members across the globe, from the North America, Europe to South East Asia, is building BitScreener — a filter and screener for cryptocurrencies. We, as a data-centric team of financial professionals and software engineers, puts the data as the center of our services, aiming at providing the best accurate and instant quotes, news, and information about cryptocurrencies to traders and investors worldwide. By delivering the reliable and comprehensive information, our goal is to enable you, as a bitcoin and blockchain lovers, to make your best trading or investing decisions, and more importantly, to gain new insight into this revolution.

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