Bettium (BETT) - ICO

This article is prepared by IFCorp., As an introductory material.

Greetings to friends! Today, we are talking about a unique and decentralized new platform for sports betting, which is currently being developed, and in the future, will work on blocking technology. I dedicate to your attention Bettium!

Simply put, Bettium is an analytic platform built on blockbuster architecture, for the peer-to-peer (P2P) level, which provides users with many innovative features, as well assistants, artificial intelligence (which they call Merlin). This will enable participants to independently implement individual betting strategies. Those who prefer to rely on professional experience will be able to subscribe to special forecasts, to mimic their rates or even entrust entirely to an expert with little cost.
At Bettium, coefficients are determined by players who play against each other, and not by external betting makers, adders, or other centralized authorities. Bettium is an analytics platform, not an intermediate product that provides powerful data tools and services that help players make decisions. With a few mouse clicks, an amateur can bet as a professional, predict and get the equivalent of leaders. The Bettium card is minimal compared to the traditional bet of 0.15% versus 7-10%, which stimulates bulk migration to the platform.

Bettium is a game changer whose function is to juggle the game field between amateurs and professionals, opening up a world of possibilities for early adopters from anywhere in the world. It's incredible, is not it?

The main advantages of the platform:

No limits.
There are no tariff restrictions, even with high coefficients.

A commission is very low.
Bettium Commission 0.15% lower than 7-10% of traditional bets.

All statistics and analysis in one place.
All detailed analysis and data tools are displayed in a single user window.

Instant payment.
All payments, deposits, and transactions in tokens are fed by chain blocks and occur instantly.

Reliability and transparency.
Smart contracts make all transactions between users safe and transparent, from the beginning of the platform.

Work platform 24/7.
The system is fully autonomous, independent of third parties and decentralized, eliminating the risk of technical failure.

Unique functionality.
Bettium supports customized functions with specific users, enabling users to customize the personal interface based on sports options, bet size, conventional partners, preferred analytical tools, and so on.

Align the playing field.
Bettium provides a unique professional capability that was not previously available to ordinary users. In this universe, every player is a professional who is blessed with equal ability and has equal access to the most modern tools.

How platform works:


  • Token and ICO: Token name: BETT.
  • Price: 1 BETT = 0.05 USD.
  • The token is actually released: 1 000 000 000 BETT.
  • Soft Cap: 7 500 000 USD.
  • Hard Cap: 30 000 000 USD.
  • You can buy tokens for: BTC, ETH.
The token distribution would be as follows:

Project team: Consists of experienced professionals who have a large amount of experience and knowledge, and a variety of skills in various fields.

To summarize, I want to say that the platform, as I say, has a strong team, which I think is the most important element in the journey to becoming a successful company. Bettium also provides users with a simple and effective tool for data analysis. And also the flexibility and reliability that has never existed before. And I believe will enjoy unlimited requests and provide everything they need to the users. Thank you for your attention, and to my new friends!

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